why families love medomak

Our family had a wonderful vacation here at Medomak. It was well worth the long trip from Northern California. It met and exceeded our expectations. The counselors were all oriented to the well being of the guests and exuded a professionalism and attitude that reflected their genuine enjoyment of their jobs. They made our family’s experience a great memory. Two thumbs up!
The Langsjoen Family

If you are looking for a family experience in nature, where the kids can run and do their own thing, and you as an adult will have just as much fun, I whole-heartedly recommend Medomak family camp.  We hope to make it a yearly tradition!
Karin Weiner

This, our 7th summer, maybe the best summer ever at Medomak!
Carrie Thielemann

Going on vacation where all of your activities are planned, and meals cooked by someone else is a true vacation in my opinion. Cabins are clean and cozy, activities are fun and unique, and the food is fabulous.
Sarah Beasley

This week has been extraordinarily magical, memorable and spiritually rejuvenating. Camp is wonderful.
Jonathan Genn

Medomak is an easy place to go to but a hard place to leave!
Dean & Karen Randall

It warms our hearts to see how touched and affected other families and returning families are by the Medomak experience. We have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for a second year and we will always cherish the memories. Looking forward to another visit!
The Littleton Family

We had a marvelous week filled with great activities as well as great conversation. This truly is a special place. The kind you can’t wait to turn your friends on to. The counselors were absolutely fabulous with the kids which made the week a great vacation for the parents. Truly from the entire family we thank you for an extraordinary week.
The Pendleton Family

We really love our vacations at Medomak. Everyone feels so relaxed and friendly, and there are so many fun yet simple activities to look forward to. The kids love being with other kids their own age, and the adults can participate in their own activities or just hang out. Lazy afternoons at the lake include kayaking, swimming, reading and watching the kids have fun. The nights around the campfire are special with singing songs, telling stories, watching the kids perform, listening to the loons and counting the shooting stars. The food is always good and the staff make everyone feel at home. We treasure our time at Medomak for family memories that will last a lifetime.
The Mally Family

We don’t want to come back next year; we want to come back tomorrow! Medomak met and surpassed our expectations!
The Rosenberg Family

Each year for a week, Medomak is our summer home. The natural beauty of the setting bears mention, but it is the staff that keeps us returning. From the kitchen to the ball field, each staff person gives fully of her/his personality, talents and energy in a way that suits campers of all ages. Never has such a happy and flexible group of employees been consistently assembled in one place!
Cathryn Stein

It is one of the easiest ways to plan a vacation and it sure beats visiting relatives!

What a great week! Whoever said, “Time flies when you’re having fun” must have had Medomak in mind. The kids made friends the very first day. Our kids say, “This is the best vacation ever!”
Morrical Family

I’ve only been here for fifteen minutes and I’m already having fun!
C.S. age 9 1/2

My son’s eyes still sparkle when he talks about the week at Medomak! He is already asking about next year. As a single mom, I really have to scrimp and save for our vacations. But, our week at Medomak was so magical for us…and such a terrific bonding opportunity for our busy family…We’ll start saving now!
The Cutler’s

Thank you for the incredible week at Medomak. Upon returning some 30 years later from being a camper at Medokawanda, the sights, smells, values and experience were what I remembered about my time as a camper. Awakening these memories was AWESOME! The spirit of Medomak & Medokawanda continues.
Julie Ringler

Another fabulous week at Medomak. This place is as close to heaven as we’ll ever get! Not enough time to do all the great activities. Not a worry in the world here.
The Gerecht’s

Medomak was a wonderful experience for our family. After spending 3 years at a family camp of 1,000 people we really wanted something intimate and close to nature. This was perfect! All the families were great, the scenery beautiful. This place is an escape from everyday life!
The Colberts

I never thought I’d find a place as special as Medomak. This camp is truely a magical place. Kids are free to be kids and grown-ups get to be kids too! All my fond memories of summer camp came flooding back. I asked my kids if they wanted to come back next year and the response was a very loud, “Yes, of course we do!” Medomak has definitely touched our family and we will be here next summer!
The Ehrenreich’s

27 reunions all over the country….This was one of the best ever! Thank you Medomak friends.
The Folsom-Kovarik family Hillsborough, NJ

Medomak is a very special place. We have traveled to Maine for the past 15 years and have not experienced inland Maine like this before. The staff and activities allowed our family the opportunity to have fun together yet also enjoy time on our own.

Today’s hectic pace and lifestyle of most families does not allow for much regular quality time outdoors. Medomak offers a venue where families can reconnect, nuture themselves, and renew. It is a fun place to play games and feel carefree.

As we wind down our summer and begin to gear up for another school year, we will fondly remember Medomak for its beauty and simplicity. Thank you for a wonderful week!
The Singer’s Dallas, Texas

What a delightful week! Friendly helpful counselors, wonderful food and something for everyone – from my 1-year old daughter to my (no age) self – all in a beautiful idyllic setting. We generally don’t vacation in the same place twice, but if I were a betting gal, I’d bet we’ll see Medomak again! Thanks to all.
Teresa Whisnant Venice, FL

WOW…Our 5th summer at Medomak. The week flew by and we all had so much fun. Already looking forward to next year/old friends and some new. Had a blast playing SCAG Ball- Thanks to Casey for inventing the game. A big THANK YOU to all the wonderful staff. You make us want to come back year after year and as long as our 3 boys want to we will!
The Allens South Berwick, ME

Another wonderful week at Medomak. Being here brings back so many wonderful memories of summers past. It’s as if the children have grown up here. It is our second home!
The Stolberg-Robinson’s Chevy Chase, MD

This week exceeded all of our expectations. What a perfect way to spend a week with interesting families from all over the country. The hospitality here made us feel like we’d never left the south. We will definately plan on coming back next year – absolutely can’t wait!
The Babin’s Baton Rouge, LA

This camp is off all of the following: the hook, the chain, the pizza and the wagon. This was my fifth year and I LOVED IT! Chris age 13

Adult translation of the above:
Medomak is wonderful! Thanks for another fantastic year.

I am sad that we have to leave Medomak. All the friends I have made are blessings. I’ll see everyone next year, I hope. This was a wonderful year!
Nick age 11
The Behling’s Georgetown, TX

I have had the joy of seeing my grandchildren grow and learn and lay down life-time memories here. This is our 3rd summer, we look forward to more.
Anne Webb Wethersfield, CT

This was our first trip to Medomak and it won’t be our last! This vacation was wonderful for all of us. We got to try new things, eat yummy food, make new friends, and reconnect as a family. We are sad to leave but excited for next year’s camping adventure!
The French’s Fairfax Station, VA

We had a wonderful time here at Medomak. Our 2 boys, 5 & 8 years old, loved it!! We were apprehensive about coming- not knowing what to expect. What a GREAT TIME. We are very glad we came.
The Kneipp’s Spotsylvania, VA

What a wonderful week and a wonderful place! Fun activities, terrific people, both campers and staff. A truely relaxing vacation. Even though I live very close, I felt I was away on vacation. Thank you to the staff for making Medomak Camp a wonderful place…see you all next year!
Judy Weisman Damariscotta, ME

What was selected as an extended family trip for my parents 50th anniversary turned out extreamly well. It is hard to find a spot to engage my 75 year old father as well as my 5 year old nephew, but it happened here. It is the natural, green beauty and quiet lack of commercialism that struck me here. Don’t feel you have to take in all the activities; explore. Look inside yourself, away from work and the world, and find a piece of your personal soul that you forgot or didn’t know was there.
Dave Relyea Syracuse, NY

This is our 5th summer at Medomak, and it is good- or even better- than our first. Wonderful staff, great campers, so much fun stuff to do. Our son, Dan, says this is his favorite place on earth. We always leave rested, relaxed and renewed. Thank you for all you do to help us feel that way. We love you.
The Miller Family Downington, PA

What a treasure we found here at Medomak!! The friends, food and fun will be remembered thru-out the year to come. Our first week here was so much fun that we’re already planning for next year. If you are reading this on a rainy day, just know that the weather cannot stop the force of FUN and PLAY here! Our week was a dream come true. We loved it all!
The Quinn Family Huntsville, AL

Our 5th year at Medomak was our best yet. We love the traditions at Medomak – campfires, beer tasting, sunset cruise – and the new things as well – barn dance, herbal spa. It’s all good. The second annual SCAG tournament was a highlight of the week. If you haven’t tried Casey’s game of soccer, croquet & golf, be sure you do. Great fun for all ages. Thanks for the memories and the relaxation!
The Lanyon Family Sutton, MA

Our first visit to Medomak. We have been able to relax, play, laugh, sleep, walk, run, swim, kayak, be crafty…most importantly spend amazing quality time with the people we love. We have also met some incredible people that will make a footprint on our lives forever. Overall, this has been the best family vacation we have ever taken and the least amount of work to enjoy it!
The Rich Family Tallahassee, FL

Our second summer at Medomak, we just couldn’t stay away! I only wish we could stay longer. My children and their camp friends were practically inseparable and the laughter and childlike enthusiasm was a wonderful thing to behold. We are all looking forward to coming back next year!
The Whisnant Family Venice, FL

This place is as close to heaven as we’ll ever get! The kids love their sense of independence here. It’s wonderful for them to feel so safe. Not a worry in the world here.
The Gerecht Family Kensington, MD

We have made many new friends, learned many new games and have enjoyed unplugging our family and reconnecting with nature. My husband has fished every day, my girls have become more independent and we have all relaxed. What a wonderful camp!
The Nicosia Family Chesterfield, NJ

Coming to Medomak for our first time, we had no idea what to expect. Imagine our surprise when it turned out to be the best week of the summer! Every aspect of Medomak life went above and beyond our pre-fabricated fantasies. This week was a gigantic success. THANK YOU to everyone who contributed to this memorable family vacation. You haven’t seen the last of us!
The Brab-Velez Family Montclair, NJ

What an amazing time we all had! We feel refreshed and balanced and full of energy and enthusiasm! This is the best camp for children and parents both. A fun and safe and friendly place, in the midst of natural beauty. Thank you for unforgetable memories! We hope to come back next year.
The Staubli Family Laguna Beach, CA

We had a fabulous week at Medomak. The rain never dampened our spirits as we shared good times with all the other families. Our daughters made several new friends and have had a blast! Especially fishing with George. Everyone on staff gives more than 100% of themselves.
The Venegas Family Houston, Texas

This was our second time at Medomak. Now I remember why we came back. A truely family friendly, safe, fun environment. We hope to be back next year!
The MacPeek Family LeHigh Acres, Florida

This week has been exceptional. The setting and sense of community leaves us with an enduring peacefulness and well being that will sustain our family for some time. We are most grateful to the camp staff for helping create such a restful, yet stimulating, atmosphere. Medomak has four enthusiastic ambassadors in South Carolina.
The Shealy Family Columbia, South Carolina

This has been a vacation we will never forget and hope to repeat in years to come. My children LOVED their counselors. We all relaxed and recharged from our busy lives. Medomak is so special. Thank you for helping us make wonderful memories.
The Cashen/Ashdown Family Washington, D.C.

The end of our 3rd consecutive year here at Medomak. Still our favorite vacation spot in the world, no matter where we go. See you again soon!
The Whisnant Family Venice, Florida

The lake was great for boating and the higher level allowed for some new exploration. New faces, old friends. I know time doesn’t stand still, but it surely slows down here long enough to collect our thoughts and catch our breath.
The Abrahamsen/Lazos Family Lakewood, Ohio

Medomak has become a place that stays in our family’s hearts all year long.
The Conley’s Pickerington, Ohio

Everything was just as expected, except better! Beyond the beautiful setting and the fun activities, the staff fosters a sense of comeradarie among campers of all ages.
The Kronfelds Naperville, Illinois

We enjoyed picking wild blueberries -what a treat, hiking to see Perry and Jitterbug (the camp cows), the Imposter game was a BIG hit, and my husband had a great time fishing as he caught an abundance of fish! It is so nice to go away and relax, learn something new and be quiet with nature. Thanks for the happy memories!
The Nicosias Chesterfield, NJ

The memories made here are priceless!
The Allen’s South Berwick, Maine

We had a wonderful time here, our first summer at Medomak. The food was excellent. Kayaking and canoeing was fun at the waterfront especially when we saw the Bald Eagle. Thanks to the wonderful staff. We hope to be back next year.
The Harris Family Raleigh, North Carolina

This was our first trip to Medomak but will certainly not be our last. Best vacation ever.
The Putnam Family Tucson, AZ

This is our second year at Medomak. We love this place! …See you all next year.
The Grogan Family

Coming to Maine has been a perfect break from our more urban daily existence. Medomak has the perfect blend of family time and grown-up time. As a single mom, I’ve enjoyed having the time for sports and boating on my own with other adults. My kids have had a world of firsts this week. First camp, cabin, lake swimming, canoe, kayak, lobster, square dancing and the list goes on and on.

This week was amazing! I almost can’t leave. This summer was the best…The kitchen was unbelievably nice to us and was careful about my food allergies. We hope to see you next year.
The Deric Family

One item on my ‘bucket list’ was to go to a family camp. Over the years, I did not find one that seemed to have what I wanted: lots of family time, a little parent time, great food, traditional camp activities, and flexibility. Medomak seemed a good fit, but could the website be accurate? From our first meal to our last campfire, we have enjoyed all the Medomak magic. This is an amazing place!
The Johnson Family Vienna, VA

This was our first year at Medomak. We brought seven of us – two parents, two children, and three grandparents. We all had a great time! …Holly and George went out of their way to make us all feel welcome. We had a ‘fantabulous’ time!
The Princes Columbus, OH

We loved the atmosphere that you experience here at Medomak! They have the perfect mix of bringing families closer together while building friendships and lasting memories. So many different activities for all ages…the kids are sad to see the week come to a close.
The Acton Family Lincoln, NE

We just can’t say enough about the wonderful food…so tasty, plentiful and balanced. The counselors and staff have a great chemistry between them, and everyone is so inviting and you feel instantly a part of a wonderfully warm family! Thanks to all.
The Acton Family Lincoln, NE

Our 5th(!) summer at Medomak was amazing as always.
The Whisnant Family Sarasota, FL

Thanks for all the great moments! I will never forget these two weeks at Medomak.
Camper, 11 years old

Our week at Medomak was full of new adventures and memories. A huge Thank You! to all of the fantastic staff. Medomak will forever hold a place in our hearts!
The Conley Family Pickerington, OH

We are finishing our fourth vacation at Medomak. We all love it here. My wife and I enjoy that there are no electronic distractions here (no TV, no radio, no computers…just peace). This environment lets us connect like no other.
The Pellegrini Family

What a memorable week we had! Thank you to the counselors and all the staff for making it special (especially Nick’s birthday on the day we arrived). We loved all the activities and learned so many new things. It was great to ‘unplug’ and experience the beauty of Maine and Medomak. We hope to be back!
The Jerome Family Leesburg, VA

My son and I came hoping for the best but not knowing what to expect. Medomak, the staff, and the Stones far exceeded our expectations. We had the most fabulous time. My son tried so many new things, was brave and adventurous – it was wonderful to see. This place is magical.
The Anzivino Family

We had a great time at camp. This was new to us. After years of beach vacations, we needed a new tradition. It’s hard to find the words to describe how much we enjoyed ourselves. Staff was beyond kind. Food was great. Medomak is a special place and we are happy and thankful that we were able to be a part of it!
The Wagner Family Swedesboro, NJ

All it took was a Google search…and there we found it: Medomak. Like most important things in life, all it takes is a moment!!!
The Gomez Family Bogotá, Columbia

Our first time at camp will not likely be our last. Celebrating a big birthday this year got us here, but now we all want to return!
The Tinsley Family

What a truly special place – from star gazing to arts and crafts to archery to the loon swim to camp fire. We made wonderful memories and friends that won’t be soon forgotten.
The Fucile-Watterson Family Washington, DC

Love this camp, this cabin, these grounds, the staff, and the food!!! Fantastic unplugging experience. Memories for a lifetime. Thank you!
The Roberts Family Ashburn, VA

What a wonderful week we had. The hospitality and wonderful staff was so enjoyable. We loved the structured mornings and free afternoons at the waterfront – a perfect blend of a summer week. The community was awesome and we are so thankful to have met many new friends.
The Gorman/Peterson/Fernandez Families

Thank you for a really great week. We have experienced real hospitality, friendliness, new experiences and friends all in one week. You have created a very special atmosphere here and all the family can enjoy it in a multitude of ways. Campfires were particularly fun. The counselors are so good with the children and look after the adults too…Many thanks from all the Logans.
The Logan Family London, UK

I’m going to miss this place! I loved it!

Ages 4-72 in our family had the best time in their respective lives! The activities, food, people, and environment were all amazing.
The Mosenson Family

Saying goodbye to all the great camp staff and fellow campers was difficult. We had a great week (despite cloudy skies during Astronomy week!). It is wonderful that George and Holly have preserved Medomak and are stewards to this beautiful property.
The Rufo Family

Our second visit to Medomak has been absolutely amazing! We love it here and will definitely be back! It’s such a joy to have fun like a kid and watch the kids be kids!
Stephanie Payeur

We had the perfect family vacation at Medomak…Everyone is so sad to leave what my littlest kids have called our new home. We have never had a family vacation like this and it is one we will never forget. We made incredible new friends and from the first day it felt like we were part of a family. The memories we made here will last a lifetime and we hope to come back and make more memories and more new friends.
The Dobe Family

Love this camp, this cabin, these grounds, the staff, and the food!!! Fantastic unplugging experience. Memories for a lifetime. Thank you!
The Roberts Family Ashburn, VA