A commitment to nature


At Medomak our 250 acres is a sanctuary for people and nature alike. We have worked hard to develop a land ethic that would honor and protect the history of Medomak. Our goal is to foster an awareness and stewardship amongst our staff and guests.

To minimize our carbon footprint, we have installed solar hot water systems for cabins at both our Family Camp and Retreat Center, and a photovoltaic system on the roof of our barn offsets about 40% of our electricity requirements.

We are proud of the forestry conservation plan that has been put in place to preserve the health of our forest. By implementing this plan our forest at Medomak is now certified as being managed in a sustainable way by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®, a third party foresty standards governing organization.

We keep outdoor lighting to a minimum, and are now using outdoor LED fixtures that meet standards set by the International Dark Sky Association to ensure that we preserve Maine’s night sky for stargazing.

Our towels are made of organic cotton. Our wool blankets for our queen size beds are made with wool from local sheep and dyed with natural dyes and Maine sea water.

Greens, vegetables, and other products we use in our kitchens come from MOFGA Certified local farms.

These efforts along with composting, use of chemical-free cleaners, recycling, building with reclaimed lumber, and use of compostable recycled paper products all help us to meet the important objective to minimize the impact on our land and natural resources