In a world that is becoming more and more homogenized, it can be difficult to find a place with beauty, character, and antiquity; a place that welcomes new experience, yet has its own rich story to tell.

Originally started in 1904 as a farming camp for city boys, Medomak has been a place for adventure and exploration for over four generations.

Throughout the first part of the century, its founder, Frank Poland, strove to create a challenging and rewarding outdoor experience for boys. In the early 60’s Cub camp at Medomak became Medokawanda Camp for girls, the sister camp of Medomak. At this point Holly Stone, current owner of Medomak, was to have her first experience as a camper. By the 70’s she became head counselor, and when given the opportunity in 1994, Holly chose not to let the Medomak tradition fade.

For over a century, the 250 acre property, located just outside the small town of Washington, has maintained its founding purpose of providing respite from the complexities of our everyday lives. Generations of young men and women have grown up with the Medomak philosophy: expand yourself; compete with your own abilities and standards; set your own strategies and vigorously pursue your achievements–but always remember the other person.

Today, Medomak’s campus is home to three distinct but inter-connected entities: Medomak’s Family Camp which includes fields of stars rising above the lake with its own private lakeside sandy cove, a rental site on a knoll facing sunsets over the lake, and a one hundred acre expanse of warm blueberry fields, pristine lake shoreline and cool pine forest which enfolds the Medomak Retreat Center.


Family Camp is a special place where adults and children alike can learn new skills, share new experiences, make friends, and develop an appreciation for the outdoors. The Medomak experience is a hybrid between a traditional New England summer camp and an all-inclusive family vacation.

Medomak is small, but we like it that way. Each week we are proud of the camp community that is built and the lasting friendships that develop. We hope you will consider joining us and see why so many families return to Medomak Family Camp year after year.


family camp faqs

Is this a good setting for family reunions or multiple families attending together?

Yes. Many families have come to camp with a related family or neighbor. When planning to bring multiple families to the camp, please consider a few things. We ask that multiple families attending as a group understand that they are part of a larger group of family campers that may or may not already know each other. Our goal is to create a community of all the families attending and we require family groups be aware of this dynamic. Our retreat center is also a wonderful setting for family reunions or groups that don’t necessarily require a lot of programming and desire exclusivity. Ask us about available dates.


What is the ideal age of a camper at Medomak?

The best age for a camper at Medomak is five and older. A child needs an attention span of at least an hour to enjoy our morning activities. However, during scheduled morning activities children 2-4 can participate in supervised preschool activities. Please be aware during all other times all children are expected to be under the care of their parents.