Summer is supposed to be fun! No more stuffy cubicles or hours spent staring into the abyss of an excel document. When you come to work at Medomak you get to ENJOY your summer and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and simplicity of Maine.

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When we need staff:

Support Staff- June 5th- September 20th, 2024

Family Camp Programming Staff- June 13th- August 25th, 2024

Counselor positions:

Lifeguards, Sailing Instructors, Canoe Instructors, Kayak Instructors, Sculling Instructors
Nature/Campcraft/Wildcraft/Primitive Skills
Landsports (Soccer/Basketball/Tennis/Field Games)
Arts & Crafts/Makerspace
Yoga/Fitness/ Dance/ Martial Arts
Drama/Improv/Theatre Arts
Don’t see your preferred programming area listed? We have had programming that included fermentation, Karate, Dance, Woodworking, and many other unique activities. What other special skills can you bring to Medomak?

We are also hiring:

Chefs/Cooks and Kitchen positions



What is a family camp like?

Medomak Camp runs just like a traditional summer camp. We offer scheduled activities with experienced instructors to teach & guide you along the way. Morning activities are split into age groups which means a Medomak staff member must be comfortable teaching young children as well as adults.

Families choose Medomak for a variety of reasons – they are looking for an outdoorsy vacation, parents want to relive the fun of their camp days, the children are too young to go to sleep away camp alone, they want something all-inclusive…whatever the reason, our goal is to provide a memorable and fun experience.

If you are looking for a fun summer job, an intimate and personal work setting where you get to be an active participant in the camp community, and gain valuable experience instructing kids and adults in the special skills that you have, then Medomak Camp for Families might be the right place for you.

What do you look for in staff?

We are looking for counselors with a mindfulness of sustainability and a desire to teach, who are self-motivated, outgoing and adventurous. The camp setting requires people who are both flexible and enthusiastic, while also considerate of safety. We want you to come to camp full of ideas and to turn those ideas into fun and interesting activities that campers of all ages can enjoy. Additionally, camp life is physical and active. We value hard workers.

Staff Responsibilities

{Usual Daily Schedule}
Morning Walk/Stretch 7:00 (at least once a week)
Breakfast 8:30
Staff meeting 9:15
Activities 9:30-12:30
Lunch 12:30
Activities and Lake 2:00-5:00
Dinner 6:30
Evening Activity 7:30
Campfire 8:30

  • Staff run morning activities, spend the afternoon guarding or offering assistance at the lake, participate in evening activity, and help facilitate campfire.
  • In addition to program responsibilities, staff assist in minor cleaning and upkeep of the camp.

Compensation and Benefits

Staff salaries start at $350/week and go up depending upon experience.
Room and board is included.
Travel Compensation up to $200
Excellent food—better than any camp out there!
No cabin responsibilities

What are some of the other benefits of working at camp?

Interaction and Networking–Working at a family camp is unique from a kid’s camp in a variety of ways. Our campers come from all walks of life and span the entire spectrum of the professional world. Not only do our campers love to talk to the counselors about what they do and give insight and advice about their chosen professions, they sincerely appreciate and admire the knowledge that you impart to them and their families.

Laid back and Personal–During family camp, we have capacity for 12 families and the size of our staff is proportional to our enrollment. It is small, but we like it that way. It gives the families as well as our staff the ability to get to know one another and interact on a personal level. Being a part of such a small staff, you become actively involved with all aspects of camp. Your ideas are heard and you truly help shape the community that is created.

Clean and Green—At Medomak, we pride ourselves in our sustainability efforts. We currently reap close to 90% of our energy needs from solar panels on our Barn and Pavilion. We manage our waste responsibly through recycling and composting. We avoid using harmful chemicals and strive to preserve and admire the natural landscape we reside in. We also strive to teach these values to our campers through example, so our staff is able to have a healthy and responsible summer job that they can be proud of.

How big is the camp staff?

In the scope of American summer camps, Medomak is a very small camp. Each week, we have up to 12 families participating in family camp. That means we usually have about 35-45 “campers.” Therefore, we hire approximately 30 people every summer, most of which are administrative or support staff (kitchen, maintenance, cleaning). The small staff size has its pros and cons. A staff this small requires that you be able and willing to get along with people in close quarters. It requires an element of maturity, to be friendly and civil, even if you may be at odds with someone. It also offers a fine opportunity to become close friends with other Medomak staff members. It offers the potential for excellent team building when everyone involved is working towards a common goal.

Is working at a Family Camp for me?

Many people go into camping because they enjoy working with children. Traditional summer camps offer counselors the opportunity to act as long-term mentors to children over a period of anywhere from 2 to 8+ weeks. This is an incredible experience and one we would recommend. Staff at Medomak get experience working with children, but in a different way and it may or may not live up to your expectations about summer camp.

Medomak gives staff the opportunity to interact with children and their parents at the same time. Staff at Medomak aren’t put into the same situation as typical cabin counselors. You aren’t their parent-away-from-home. You are still a mentor, but the relationship is much different. Except for the three-hour activity period in the mornings, parents are responsible for their children. In practice, this means that parents are responsible for their child’s behavior, well-being and whereabouts and parents act as cabin counselors. This is a huge load off the staff member’s shoulders and is a major difference between us and typical children’s camp.

Camps come in all shapes and sizes, with varying philosophies and goals, and all camps differ in what they refer to as their “culture.” We tell you all this to help you decide whether this is the camp for you. Finding the right camp for YOU can be a challenge, but ultimately worthwhile endeavor. Hopefully, Medomak is what you are looking for in a summer camp experience.

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Please call to speak to us about available positions toll-free at 1(866) MEDOMAK.