Nestled amongst pine forests on a beautiful lake in mid-coast Maine, Medomak is a vacation that suits every family member.

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What is Family camp?

Family Camp is a special place where adults and children alike can learn new skills, share new experiences, make friends, and develop an appreciation for the outdoors. The Medomak experience is a hybrid between a traditional New England summer camp and an all-inclusive family vacation.

Medomak is small, but we like it that way. Each week we are proud of the camp community that is built and the lasting friendships that develop. We hope you will consider joining us and see why so many families return to Medomak Family Camp year after year.

You time. family time. community time.


In a world that is becoming more and more homogenized, it can be difficult to find a place with beauty, character, and antiquity; a place that welcomes new experience, yet has its own rich story to tell.

Originally started in 1904 as a farming camp for city boys, Medomak has been a place for adventure and exploration for over four generations.

Today, Medomak’s campus is home to three distinct but inter-connected entities: Medomak’s Family Camp which includes fields of stars rising above the lake with its own private lakeside sandy cove, a rental site on a knoll facing sunsets over the lake, and a one hundred acre expanse of warm blueberry fields, pristine lake shoreline and cool pine forest which enfolds the Medomak Retreat Center.

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A few times a summer, Medomak hosts specialty weeks that are meant to enhance the normal family camp activities we offer. During these weeks, the regular family camp program will run as usual but enhanced with a special program…just a little something to entice you to attend and make your week with us even more fun.

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"A rare opportunity in today’s world to get away from screens and enjoy your family! Great times with archery, tennis, sailing, kayaking and more! Great family style meals including a lobster dinner! And even great adult activities like beer tasting and of course evening fires and s’mores. By far our favorite vacation. Ages 5-13 is their sweet spot but there is a nursery and even our 17-year-old had a great time!!"
Kirk Reagan
"Medomak family camp- What a magnificent concept. It’s for Grandparents, too! To be with the ones you love most yet separate and apart. The setting, the other campers, an outstanding staff, and wonderful activities and food. A treasure. A great time. My last time at camp was 58 years ago! I enjoyed this even more!"
Jan Oakey
"We had a marvelous week filled with great activities as well as great conversation. This truly is a special place. The kind you can’t wait to turn your friends on to. The counselors were absolutely fabulous with the kids which made the week a great vacation for the parents. Truly from the entire family we thank you for an extraordinary week."
Pendleton Family

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Thank you for your interest in Medomak Camp.
Below you will find our 2024 Family camp season dates, tuition fees, registration, and payment forms.


If you have any problems filling out the forms online, please don’t hesitate to give us a call toll-free: 1-866-633-6625. We’ll be glad to walk you through it.

Once we receive the registration, we will give you a call (usually 24-48 hours) to get to know you and your family a bit better. Should you have any questions, call us (M-F, 9-5 East Coast), 1-866-MEDOMAK, or send an email:

Tuition is ALL-INCLUSIVE: food (including lobster dinner), lodging, activities, and equipment. Camp Canteen purchases (t-shirts, water bottles, postcards etc…) are additional and optional.

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