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Friends for Life

The Miller family just finished their eighth year at Medomak Family Camp. “My son Dan calls Medomak his favorite place on earth,” Loy Miller says.

The family lives outside of Philadelphia and Loy’s husband read about Medomak in Parade Magazine. “There’s a special feeling about Medomak,” she says. “A real relaxed feeling. Holly and George (the camp owners) and Dave (the camp director) are really into it. It really means something deep to them to have people enjoy themselves—it’s like a calling.”

Medomak Family Camp attracts people who like to meet other people as well as bonding with their own family, Miller says. For example, there are several families that her family has enjoyed getting to know over the past few years. They usual have a wine and cheese party and everyone brings something.

One of the things that the Millers thinks distinguishes the camp is how masterful it is at “the little things”—special touches that make it stand out from other vacation experiences. A few years ago the camp purchased a cow, so now campers get fresh milk in the mornings that is “just delicious.” “I even learned to make cheese!” she says exuberantly. On lobster night—a family favorite—she said the buns are homemade.

Speaking of lobster, the Miller kids, who are picky eaters at best, according to their mother, fell in love with lobster at Medomak. When her children recently asked for lobster at a chain restaurant, they were disappointed that the lobster didn’t taste like Medomak lobsters. “There’s nothing like the fresh-from-the-water Maine lobster they serve,” she says.

She loves that this special week each summer gives her family an opportunity to create a deeper connection. Equally important is the realization that her children are growing up getting used to meeting new people from different places as a regular part of their lives.

The Millers used to rent a beach house over the summer, but then Loy had to make meals and keep the kids occupied. “Here I don’t have to cook!” she says. “I don’t have to come up with things to do! It’s a real vacation from the day-to-day.”