COVID-Safe Family Fun

Operations plan for Summer 2023 – updated 10/2/2023

(subject to change as conditions warrant)  


We strongly encourage our campers and staff to be up to date on all their vaccinations, including against COVID-19; however, it is not a requirement to attend camp.


Medomak requires a negative COVID-19 test to be taken within 24 hours of your arrival at camp. If you are unable to test prior to arrival, a test will be administered at cost to the participant(s). Subsequently, we reserve the right to test for COVID-19 in campers, participants, staff and/or persons presenting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection.  Should a positive test be confirmed, the individual(s) will need to leave Medomak or isolate. We are not equipped to provide medical treatment due to Covid.

Mask Policy 

Medomak will follow current CDC recommendations on mask-wearing, as well as any mandates that may come from local and state authorities.


Campers, participants, and staff who have been exposed to COVID-19 (regardless of vaccination status) will need to wear well-fitting masks when around others, as well as submit to serial testing for COVID-19. If they become symptomatic or test positive, they will need to isolate or leave camp.

Confirmed COVID Infection

Medomak is not equipped to offer medical treatment for COVID-19 disease. So, if any participant tests positive, they will have to leave Medomak or isolate themselves in their cabin for the health and safety of the others on site.


Housekeeping and Cleaning

Cabins will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival. We will be sure to be out of all cabins 18-24 hours prior to arrival of new guests.

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Dining will occur indoors in a well-ventilated dining hall. Outdoor dining will be available for those more comfortable eating outdoors.


Programs and activities will be conducted to the extent that they can be done safely. Wherever possible, activities will be held outdoors or if indoors in open, well-ventilated spaces.


COVID Cancellation Policy

Any cancellations due to COVID-19 will either be refunded minus your deposit or credited in full to future reservations at Medomak Camp. In the event that Medomak Camp should need to cancel due to COVID-19, tuition can be transferred to an alternate week (if available), or a full refund will be issued.


The policies and procedures for Medomak this summer make foremost the safety of our campers, participants, and staff. It’s in everyone’s best interest to know what to expect in preparation for coming to Medomak. As an assurance, we will require as part of the registration process that each of our attendees along with any individuals who accompany the attendee to sign a waiver agreeing to our procedures.

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