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Affordable and Local Family Vacations Makes Sense in This Economy

Summer 2008- Affordable Local Family Vacations are Key

With the weak US dollar and an uncertain economy many families are re-examining their summer vacation plans. Daily news stories on the weakened economy, the high cost of gasoline and goods, and the headaches of air travel are making many Americans nervous. Some families are choosing to forgo a summer vacation all together. Others have chosen to rent beach homes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day to take advantage of off-season rates or are shortening their week vacation to a few days.

The vast majority of summer travelers will be driving to their destinations and AAA expects gas prices to keep rising. $4 a gallon gas prices are predicted by summer’s end. Many speculate that a large number of families are going back to the basics, visiting relatives or local attractions. Families are staying local, trying to keep it simple, back to basics, wholesome and old-fashioned. Finding a one day drive family vacation spot is becoming essential for many.

A recent trend in family travel that has always appealed to the budget-minded family now seems to be making a lot more sense in these uncertain economic times. Summer Camp for the entire family has been gaining in popularity over the last 10 years. Medomak Camp, in Washington, Maine, is one such camp. Easily drivable from Boston, New York, Philadelphia or the Baltimore/D.C. area Medomak is an alternative vacation many families are talking about. Tuition includes accommodations, great food and counselor- led planned activities. Rates for a family of four begin at $2700. With no hidden costs or rental fees parents can budget for vacation and know exactly what they will spend. No need to make dinner reservations or cook for the week, spend extra money on putt-putt golf or movies for the kids or worry about refilling the gas tank. Family camp offers families a chance to unwind, relax and reconnect without the worry of constantly pulling out their credit card. With the economic climate of late many families find this close-by, affordable, all-inclusive deal more than appealing.

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