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Naturally comfortable.

Food & Lodging


Each one-room cabin has a bathroom, two sinks and a separate shower. Simply put, our cabins are simple, in the New England tradition. Cabins are supplied with linens and towels for each guest. There are creature comforts like reading lights, rocking chairs, comfortable beds (queen mattress and box spring for the parents/twin mattresses for the kids), and a writing table. Outside each cabin, you will find two adirondack chairs to enjoy the warm days and a good book.


We pride ourselves on the quality of our food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family-style in our farmhouse dining room, and are prepared in small batches, from scratch, using only fresh ingredients. Much of our salads, vegetables, and herbs come straight from local farmers of Knox County. We strive to make sure that our food is not only healthy, but hearty and excellent.

  • We have lobster dinners once a week.
  • Fresh fruit is available in the dining room all day.
  • Snack at the Waterfront every afternoon.
  • Hot coffee and tea are always on in the dining hall.

We are committed to using fresh produce and other products produced by local farmers and makers. And, of course, there is our abundant Medomak blueberry patch. Blueberry pancakes anyone?