July 9 ~ 15, 2023 ~ Eco Week with Dr. Jessie Rack: Frogs, Fungi & MORE!

Welcome to Eco Week with Dr. Jessie Rack: Frogs, Fungi, and MORE!


Join Dr. Jessie Rack for a week of grabbing frogs, tromping through the woods, playing nature games, and learning about ecology – how plants and animals interact with each other and with their environment. Mushrooms! Slugs! Scat! Weird bugs! Who knows what nature will bring us to shout about? Expect to enjoy all your favorite Medomak activities with the added bonus of spending time in the woods with ecologist and environmental educator Dr. Jessie. See you at camp!


Dr. Jessie Rack is an ecologist, naturalist, and environmental educator passionate about communicating how the world works. Jessie has a PhD in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut (for which she studied salamanders!) and diverse experiences in both formal and informal education. She taught writing at Princeton University, wrote for the NPR ScienceDesk, and often moonlights as the world’s oldest camp counselor. Jessie is also a AAAS IF/THEN Ambassador, one of 125 women in STEM fields chosen to be a science role model to middle school girls (Check out her CBS Mission Unstoppable Episode!) Currently, she is the Program Director at the Natural History Institute in Prescott, AZ. Her favorite herps are salamanders and horned lizards.

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