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Medomak Alumni Society


Alumni List

The following list are members of the Alumni Society. It is ordered by the last name of the Alumni Member. You may send a message by clicking on the individual’s name.

Name Attended Camp As Years at Camp
Margie Boreham Camper1971
Paul Brookes Camper1948-1961
Whistler Burch Camper1946-1959
Whistler Burch Camper1946-1959
NANCY KRAFT Camper2016
Kenny Krug Camper1988
Tina Mack Camper2018
Elle Morton Camper2019
Betsy Munoz Camper2016- current
Richard C Norris Camper1945-1951
Sandy Noyes Camper1946 - 1951
Peter Stoll Camper1949 - 1954
Holly Stone Camper1965-2020