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Astronomy Week w/ Joel Goodman

20150428071541.jpgAstronomy Week with Joel Goodman

We are thrilled to have Dr. Joel Goodman (Stardoc) back with us to facilitate programming. Stardoc has been visiting camp for the past six summers sharing his passion for astronomy. His special interests are solar system science, meteorites, and ruminating about the cosmos. Stardoc, a retired family dentist, is the founder of the Celestial Searchers, a children's astronomy club in Maryland which exposes kids in grades K-8 to an array of astronomy and space science opportunities which are both fun and educational. He is also the Observatory Director for the Howard Astronomical League of Central MD, a planetarium programmer at the Robinson Nature Center in Columbia MD, and a facilitator for the Skynet Junior Scholars program, which enables middle- and high-school students to remotely operate world class telescopes around the world through a web interface to create images and conduct independent research.

Some of the planned activities for Astronomy Week include sky tours, solar system walks, safe solar viewing, astronomy themed arts & crafts, rocket launching, crater making, an introduction to Skynet Junior Scholars, and exploring rocks from outer space. Every day during Astronomy Week, there will be solar telescopes available for safely viewing our nearest star. After dark, you will find several camp telescopes, including a 12 inch Dobsonian, set up for your viewing pleasure of near and deep sky targets. Or, just lie back, look up, and take in the splendor of the Milky Way from horizon to horizon. REALLY!

In clear weather and away from the light pollution of major cities, we enjoy some of the darkest skies in New England. Astronomy Week at Medomak is a perfect opportunity to introduce your children and yourself to the wonders of the cosmos!

Of course, our beautiful night skies are available to all our campers throughout the season. We encourage all our campers to bring their telescopes/binoculars with them to camp. Mother Nature permitting, you will be in for a treat. For more information, contact us.


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Medomak is a very special place. We have traveled to Maine for the past 15 years and have not experienced "inland" Maine like this before. The staff and activities allowed our family the opportunity to have fun together yet also enjoy time on our own.

Today's hectic pace and lifestyle of most families does not allow for much regular quality time outdoors. Medomak offers a venue where families can reconnect, nuture themselves, and renew. It is a fun place to play games and feel carefree.

As we wind down our summer and begin to gear up for another school year, we will fondly remember Medomak for its beauty and simplicity. Thank you for a wonderful week!

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