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Photography/Andrew Shapiro Week

20120214075403.jpgAug 5 - Aug 11 is photography week here at Medomak with special guest instructor Andrew Shapiro, which means that in addition to our usual out-door family thrills, if you choose to attend camp this week, you can also discover the ins and outs of taking great photographs! Learn what all those buttons on your camera are designed to do to, as well as what insights you need in order to capture an outstanding picture.

So whether you're looking to capture the natural glow of Medomak's beautiful, Maine-summer ambiance, or simply capture your children as they forge new and unforgettable family memories, you're sure to see your photographs improve.

Andrew is the founder of the Austin School of Photography, but before he wandered on down to Texas, he taught for 6 years at PhotoManhattan in New York and served as photo instructor here at Medomak for 2 summers.
He's worked with thousands of hobbyists, artists, and professionals, as well as children of all ages, and his teaching methods are based on the belief that everyone has the potential to take compelling photographs. So although he works regularly with experienced professionals, Andrew gains the most pleasure from guiding ordinary folks through the basic principles behind their cameras, so that they may then go out and capture their own lives in photographs that are more memorable and more emotionally engaging.



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"What day is it? The girls spent 3 hours in the lake today. We sat back and relaxed and watched 2 loons then out of nowhere, two bald eagles flew into the cove. We spent 45 minutes watching the eagles fishing and flying. It was amazing! Medoamk is truely a special place filled with special people. Thank you!"

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