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Nut Allergy Friendly Week

This is a regular week of camp at Medomak in all respects. We will simply be cutting out nuts to enable families with nut allergies to enjoy family camp, as well. Families without nut allergies are welcome to attend (we just ask that they respect the nut restrictions for the week).

Medomak Camp has always tried to accommodate campers who have nut and tree nut allergies. We segregate food products in our kitchen once we are alerted that a camper has a nut allergy, and we cook and serve that camper's meals separately. But now we're beginning to make extra efforts to accommodate such campers during Nut Allergy Friendly Week, with the hope that we can make their experience here at Medomak Camp as stress-free as possible. As a parent of a nut-allergic child recently told us: nuts are to my child like bombs or guns are to all of us; the anxiety to protect my child is ever-present. We want to help.

Please keep in mind that our facility has a history of nuts on site, but to that end, these are the steps we are, to the best of our ability, taking to mitigate peanut and tree-nut exposure during Nut Allergy Friendly Week:


We will have cleaned and sanitized all cooking and eating utensils and food preparation areas twice (last summer when we closed down, and this summer when we open up).

All food storage and dining areas will to the best of our ability be washed down to remove nut contaminants.

All food products purchased for Nut Allergy Friendly week will have labels indicating they are free of nuts and will have not been produced in facilities that also process or pack nuts. And since Nut Allergy Friendly Week will be our first week of camp for the 2019 summer season, no food purchased this season up to this point will have nuts or have been produced in facilities processing nuts.

Cabins and common areas

Please think of our cabins and common areas like you would of a normal hotel with prior occupants. For opening day, we sweep out dust, vacuum corners and walls, wash windows and clean/sanitize sinks, showers and toilets. Common areas are swept for dust, and tables and chairs are wiped down. Sports equipment, puzzles, board games, and activity supplies are not necessarily wiped down for the purpose of removing nut contaminants; however, food is not common in these areas.

Outside food policy

All families attending Nut Allergy Friendly Week may only bring to Camp food that is nut free and, to the extent verifiable, not produced in a facility that processes nuts. We will remind incoming families of this policy and will post reminder signs in each cabin and at the dining hall. We do not inspect people's belongings, though, and cannot guarantee that all participants will comply; however, we strongly hope that families attending this week will be sure to respect this policy.

Availability of Epi-pens

Campers with allergies are expected and encouraged to bring their own epi-pens; however, camp has its own up-to-date sets of adult and pediatric epi-pens as back-up. One set is located in our office, adjacent to our dining hall. The other set resides at our waterfront.

First Responder/Ambulence response times and Location of Emergency Rooms.

As we are a rural facility, EMS response times can vary from as few as 5 minutes to over 30 minutes. Our town has a first responder that lives within 1 mile of the camp. Our local ambulance is located in the town of Union, 15 minutes away. There are 3 local ER's, all 30 minutes from Camp.

Nurse on Site and Emergency Protocol
Medomak Camp has a nurse on site who is trained in recognizing signs of anaphylaxis, and administering of epi-pens. Additionally, we follow the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan recommended by FARE.

Family/Parental Responsibility

Families are strongly encouraged to contact us via phone to discuss any questions or concerns. We believe we have a fair amount of experience in working with campers with food allergies, but we by no means consider ourselves experts and do not want to give the impression that we are. We do not personally have to navigate these allergies in our daily lives, and we only know the difficulties and anxieties from our family campers that have shared their stories with us. It is out of respect for them, and a desire to meet a need, that we are offering Nut Allergy Friendly Week.

In addition to the usual waivers signed as part of our registration process, families attending Nut Allergy Friendly Week will also be required to sign the following waiver:

I acknowledge that we have registered and plan to attend Medomak Camp during nut-allergy-friendly week, June 23-29,2019. Medomak Camp, in offering such a week, acknowledges that they have taken steps to minimize peanut and tree-nut allergens. At the same time, there is no absolute guarantee that allergens from peanuts or other tree-nuts may not be present in amounts that could trigger allergic reactions. By attending Medomak Camp, I acknowledge and assume all risks and danger to me or any of my family members, without limitation, related to exposure to any peanuts or tree-nuts, peanut or tree-nut products, and peanut or tree-nut residue (e.g. an allergic reaction of any kind and to any extent, anaphylaxis, or any related symptoms).
Each of the members of the family unit (family and non-family members) whose names appear below acknowledge that they are aware of the aforementioned risks related to allergens from peanuts or other tree-nuts. Entry of each name further signifies that adult family (or non-family) members are making an informed decision regarding attendance at Medomak Camp during nut-allergy-friendly week, and by so doing hereby protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Medomak Camp, Inc., Medomak Camplands LLC., owners, officers, employees, agents, and representatives, without limitation, from and against any and all claims, suits, demands (or other legal actions), losses, damages, costs and/or expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney's fees and disbursements), for personal injury, arising from an allergic reaction to peanuts or tree-nuts, whether based in negligence or otherwise brought by me or my family in connection with our attendance and participation in activities at Medomak Camp.



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