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Meet your Milk


Yep, you sure can...cuz at Medomak we have our own cows. It’s where we get all the milk we use in our kitchen. You can even get the chance to help milk the cows, make cheese, yogurt, butter or ice cream.

And that fresh pasteurized milk is used along with our other locally grown vegetables and provisions to make meals – all made from scratch – remarkably good. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served family-style in our farmhouse dining room, and are prepared in small batches, using only fresh ingredients. Much of our salads, vegetables, and herbs come straight from our own garden. We strive to make sure that our food is not only healthy, but hearty and excellent. And some of the creature comforts can also be found in the kitchen:

  • We have lobster dinners once a week.

  • Fresh fruit is available in the dining room all day.

  • Snack at the Waterfront every afternoon.

  • Hot coffee and tea are always on in the dining hall.



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"All it took was a Google search...and there we found it: Medomak. Like most important things in life, all it takes is a moment!!!"

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