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Welcome to the Medomak Camp photo gallery. Campers and staff are welcome to submit their favorite photographs, from their summer spent at camp, for posting. Click on a photo to see a larger version. Add your own photo to the Family Camp Gallery
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Posted by Megan Grout on Sep 30, 2005
Posted by kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
"Tag Nick" the best game ever!!!!
Posted by kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
our sandcastle makers making the best of an afternoon of thunder
Posted by kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
Nature lesson with Colleen and Jeff
Posted by kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
Heaven on earth. July 13, 2005
Posted by Kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
"If all the raindrops were lemmon drops and gum drops oh what a rain that would be....." A musical sunset cruise!
Posted by Kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
The Barn in the beauty of the early evening light in July.
Posted by Kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
Even when it is raining it is still perfect!
Posted by Kirsten on Sep 23, 2005
Counselor Group Photo

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Medomak is a very special place. We have traveled to Maine for the past 15 years and have not experienced "inland" Maine like this before. The staff and activities allowed our family the opportunity to have fun together yet also enjoy time on our own.

Today's hectic pace and lifestyle of most families does not allow for much regular quality time outdoors. Medomak offers a venue where families can reconnect, nuture themselves, and renew. It is a fun place to play games and feel carefree.

As we wind down our summer and begin to gear up for another school year, we will fondly remember Medomak for its beauty and simplicity. Thank you for a wonderful week!

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