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Welcome to the Medomak Camp blog, a place for us to share with you, our campers, all sorts of goodies that you might be interested in.  From food and living off the land , to what Medomak looks like in the off-season and a behind the scenes look at our winter office, check back often for all new posts.

A letter from a returning camper

January 18, 2012

Hi Dave!!

I can’t put in words how happy I am that we’re coming back! We took last year ‘off’ to try to save a little money and rented a condo in Vermont. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER. lol. We we there about 20 minutes, trying to unpack, get the lay of the land, and Nick starts with “I’m bored”. And I wanted to say ‘Go up to the barn and find someone to play with” And I couldn’t!! We joked with them the whole rest of the week ‘just go to the barn’. And boy did I miss having a dinner bell ring and just coming to the table. :)

On the way home started talking about saving for family camp in 2012!!

Posted by: Dave
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