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Astronomy Week with J. Kelly Beatty and Bruce Berger


Astronomy Week at Medomak

Remember when the skies were dark? Remember being able to see the Milky Way? You still can in Maine!

Over the past nine summers J. Kelly Beatty, Past Senior Contributing Editor of Sky & Telescope Magazine and camp's own night sky "Guru", has led campers in star walks and sky gazing at Medomak. We are always thrilled to welcome Kelly and his wife, Cheryl, back to camp. Campers benefit from Kelly's expertise and love of the night sky. Each summer he brings his telescopes to camp to share with campers and to view a myriad of cool astronomical phenomenon. Kelly enjoys speaking to campers of all ages and interest levels about his passion for astronomy. Additionally, he is active nationally in the fight against light pollution. Kelly's star walks are a special treat. We hope you and your family will consider joining us!

Also joining us will be avid amateur astronomer and telescope maker Bruce Berger. A friend of Kelly, Bruce is loaded with knowledge and has a knack for working with kids. Bruce adds wonderful new dimensions to our astronomy week.

During our 2015 season Kelly and Bruce will be joining us the week of August 9-15. They bring with them their usual assortment of scopes and gizmos!

In clear weather and away from the light pollution of major cities we observe some of the darkest skies in New England. Star week at Medomak is a perfect opportunity to introduce your children and yourself to the science of astronomy!

Of course our beautiful night skies are available to all our campers throughout the season. We encourage all our campers to bring their telescopes with them to camp. Mother Nature permitting you will be in for a treat. For more information contact us at 866-633-6625.

What campers are saying about Medomak astronomy week:

“Our family thought the star party was a terrific and unexpected bonus to our time at Medomak. Kelly Beatty was terrific, we learned a lot, and had fun. Trevor will never stop talking about how he drank 3 cups of coffee to stay up all night to watch the stars (long after the rest of us went to bed). As we plan our trip for next year, if this were offered again, we would choose to attend during the week something like this was held.”

“What a great time our family had at the Star Party at Medomak Camp! The bright clear Maine sky was the perfect place to see such a beautiful display of nature. Kelly Beatty did a great job explaining what we were looking at and answering all of our questions. He could explain things in simple, novice language, so that even the kids understood what he was saying. "

"The Star Party was a really unexpected bonus, especially for a family that lives under a bright orange urban sky! It was a wonderful experience to see not only the shooting stars but also the full array of stars and satellites that are visible in clear, unpolluted skies."



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